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Sunday, April 21, 2002

I might possibly consider going to bed a little early tonight. I'm feeling so good in other areas, that I'll give some thought to mitigating the sleep deficiency as well. I can't say that all is perfectly well, toe-wise, but I did walk across the room without thinking about it this afternoon. Only once, but it's a start. The only reason I don't say I'm fully healed is that I was up in the night again (most of the night, to be honest) and the sharp pain returned then. By this morning it was gone, but I think I have to get through a night and a day to feel secure about the situation.

There's something different about staying home all day Sunday out of sheer lethargy, as I usually do, and staying home with a reason. I couldn't afford to aggravate the tender toe now, could I? Maybe the garden activity I dared to do yesterday afternoon brought about the incident in the night, so I wouldn't dare to try anything that would put any strain on the problem.

Even if this was an unnecessary precaution, I felt I'd been justified in taking it because I walked down the stairs without limping at all. This had been the ultimate test, because since Friday I haven't been able to get down the stairs without taking them one at a time, and leaning against the wall for support. Soon I'll be all bouncy again, like Tigger. If I don't walk to the post office tomorrow, I'll surely manage it Tuesday.

Even the Giants' ignominious loss in Houston couldn't dampen my cheery mood. And then this afternoon I watched Bread & Tulips, and I felt almost as if I myself were making a new life in Venice. It's such a happy, surprising movie that it lifted me up even higher. I liked it so much that I watched the last twenty minutes twice. I would have kept it longer, but I want to get it back to Netflix so they can send me something else from my list. I just might have to buy this one, to remind myself of how it helped me through a rough weekend.

That's my one complaint about Netflix, that every movie I rent from them I suddenly want to own. It's okay, though, since I'm not buying anything this month. If I still feel the same way on May 1, I'll know the affair is more than just a fling.


The other birch — the one with the leaves — against a cloudy sky.

The weather doesn't hurt, of course. I'll take all the warm, sunny days the Golds will send me, even if I'm hobbled and can't get out in them. I can still watch the birds enjoying another glorious spring day in the North Bay.

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