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Thursday, April 24, 2003

I had a big argument with myself today. Nothing was resolved, although it was well reasoned on both sides, and really quite amicable. I'm stubborn, though, and I wouldn't give in to myself, no matter how persistent I was.

There was no name-calling, but words like "unfocused" and "distracted" were thrown around. Someone around here isn't giving his best effort to any part of his life, and that has to change. No promises were made, but I think I've come to an understanding. I'll reassess the problem in a week or so (or maybe in a month, or a little further down the line) to see if I have to call another meeting.

On a happier note, someone has suggested that my February 14 entry is worthy of consideration for an award. I know. This comes as a shock to me, too. As far as I know, my journal and the word "award" have never been mentioned in the same sentence, but in this case it seems to be true, and not someone's idea of a sick joke.

This will make you chuckle. The category is "Best Romantic Entry." Me! Romantic! Of course, it's just the preliminary round, and finalists won't be announced until next week. What with Valentine's Day having fallen during the award period, I'm sure romantic entries were ample and bounteous. There are too many journalers out there with real romance in their lives. Many of them are real writers. I won't get my hopes up.

It's really cool just to be acknowledged, though, and I'm grateful to my benefactor, whoever that might be. (Why do I think of Miss Havisham whenever I hear the word "benefactor"? She wasn't even the— oh, sorry. Distracted again.) I don't write award-winning entries, although I kind of like the one in question. Since I never expected to get even this close to an actual award, I'm considering the nomination itself as a trophy.

It's probably tacky to talk about this, and I know it's old hat to many people, but it's my first time, and since it could be the last as well I just thought I'd share my amazement.


High weeds and low clouds.

The only thing more astounding than winning an award for a romantic entry would be winning for excellence in design. Considering the fact that I haven't changed the design (if you can even call it that) since my first entry was posted more than three years ago, I do believe that particular ship has sailed. In a way, though, I'm proud of that, too. Or at any rate, I'm happy that I came up with a simple design that's easy to navigate, even if it doesn't smack anyone dumb with shock and awe.

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I don't mind the Giants' game today not being televised in the Bay Area. What chafes is that it started at 9:30 in the morning. (Well, it wasn't 9:30 in Pittsburgh; it was half past noon there.) I tried to listen between phone calls and errands, but I missed most of the game. The Giants didn't need my help, though. They beat the Pirates 3-1.

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