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Sunday, April 4, 2004

Monday morning will be the true test, but so far, so good. I survived the short night and longer daylight. Being able to read by sunlight later into the evening almost makes up for the sensation of being browbeaten by the oppressive weight of an early dawn. Oh yeah, it gets that bad, but not today.

It helps to be prepared. I knew this could turn out to be that kind of day, so I set the clocks ahead early last night. That trick fooled my mind and body (both are easy to fool, by the way) into thinking it was later than it was. Because, in a sense, it was. It's always getting later than it was, but losing an hour is still a jarring phenomenon.

Knowing what I was in for, after years of bitter experience, I've been planning for this day for weeks. Really: sleep late, NASCAR and baseball on TV to get the day started, reading in the mid afternoon, homework later on. Get an early start on writing an entry so that I can get to bed early. Take a pill and sleep through the night. Final results will be posted tomorrow. So far, as I said, so good.

You might have noticed there was nothing on the order of "ten-mile walk" or "wash car" or even "go outside and get some fresh air" on the agenda. Maybe next weekend, okay? It was enough today to look out at the wind blowing (or rather the effects of the wind blowing across the grasses and through the trees). That was a decided disincentive to venture out into air that was a little too fresh, and a little too full of stuff.

Maybe I've finally learned how to handle the time change. It's been enough years, and I've gone through it enough times. Something must have kicked in by now. I planned a quiet day and executed same. Last spring's change was one of the easiest I've endured. We'll know tomorrow, probably, if that was the start of a trend or an aberration. I'm ever hopeful, but cautious.

18 March 2004

My little fortress.

One big part of life that I haven't been able to adjust is my eating schedule. If I eat when I'm hungry (and quit when I'm full), I should be able to get through the day. But today I had to stop and think. I wondered if it was too early or to late to be eating, and how eating now might affect the rest of the day. That's way too much thinking for something so simple.

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On the last day of spring training, the Giants finally got a good start from one of their pitchers. Unfortunately, it was a guy who won't be with the team when the season starts tomorrow, but at least he made an impression. A guy named Brian Cooper no-hit the A's for the first five innings today at SBC Park. The last game of the spring is the most meaningless game a team will ever play, because the roster has been decided and most of the regulars won't be in the game for long, if at all. Another unusual thing about this game is that it ended in a 5-5 tie, because the Giants have to catch a flight to Houston to play a meaningful game tomorrow night.

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