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Monday, April 26, 2004

When I was hired for this job, I had to take a typing test. That was a hundred and fifty years ago (or eighteen, whichever is less). I'd never even touched a computer keyboard, never heard of a spell check, and never had any of my errors auto-corrected. I was pretty good on a conventional electric typewriter, though.

That was then. This is a whole new century, and I'm not such a wonderful typist any more. I've gone all soft in the head with the instant editing and such. I don't have to be good, because none of my mistakes becomes a blot on the permanent record. And I don't have to be very fast, because nobody's watching me.

Lately, though, I'm Mister Typing Guy again, after all these years. I spent my whole Monday pounding the keyboard, creating some documents from scratch and modifying others from the templates on the CD-ROM that showed up in the mail today. I'm typing Purchase Agreements and Operating Agreements and Certificates of Authority and Articles of Organization.

Actually, I typed only one of each of the above documents, plus a few others. I'm not sure why I made them all plurals, except maybe because one of the more memorable sentences I typed was this one: When used herein, the singular shall include the plural, the plural the singular, and use of any gender shall be applicable to all genders.

In a different lifetime, I could have been a lawyer, because that makes perfect sense to me.

26 April 2004

Looking through the side yard.

All of this finger exercise is related to the purchase of the Kennel. I'm to be given a small percentage of equity in the Kennel, apparently, in return for my efforts at the keyboard. (Money? What is this "money"?) So it's good I'm getting a firsthand look at all the legal language, long before any of these papers are ready for signatures.

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A win over the Braves isn't quite as satisfying as a win over the Dodgers, but since the Giants can't beat the Dodgers this year, I'll take what I can get. My resentment of the Braves only dates back to 1993 (while I've hated the Dodgers my whole life). So tonight's 3-2 win will do for now, especially since it came right after the Sharks, making their first serious Stanley Cup run ever, beat the Avalanche in a 1-0 thriller in Denver.

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