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Monday, April 23, 2007

Itís hard to know where to begin after all this time, but letís start with the saddest news. Suzanneís beloved cat Jetson was hit by a car and killed over the weekend. She and John were out of town, and Eric and David had the cat buried by the time they got home. That was one blessing. The other is that he obviously didnít suffer, since there were no marks on him. Itís a difficult time, because Jetson was a cat with a lot of personality and an independent spirit that will be missed.

And now that Iíve said that, I really donít want to talk about my haircut. But I will, since I have some catching up to do.

Last time I got my hair cut I complained that it was so short it made me look like Julius Caesar. I hated it for about two days, and then I liked it. It required no actual maintenance, and I didnít have to think about it at all. Then it started to grow, as it always does, and before I knew it I was combing it with a part, the way I did when I was younger (and it was brown). I didnít mind the combing, but it started feeling clammy and looking shaggy.

After putting it off for a few weeks, for various random reasons that had nothing to do with my hair, I took the time last Friday to get a haircut. At first I had a hard time convincing my stylist that I really wanted it that short. I had to sort of bully her into going all in, and I ended up with even less hair than last time. Now instead of Julius Caesar, Iím looking more like Uncle Fester. And loving it.

That same day it fell to me to pick Dakota up from school. It was his first week in the mainstream kindergarten at the big school. I didnít know if heíd even recognize me, but as soon as he saw me, he told his aide, ďHe came to get me.Ē He immediately put his hand in mine as we walked to my car. He chattered about his day all the way home, and when we pulled up in front of his house, he asked, ďCan I get out?Ē before he unbuckled his seat belt.

15 April 2007

Down the lane.

Some things havenít changed. I spent most of last week tangling with Tim and the Boss over our mutual expectations for each other. Thatís maybe one reason you didnít hear much from me. It seemed that just about every day there was something that made me want to hide or hibernate or turn inward instead of reaching out. I know thatís not the answer, but Iím not quite at the point where I can overcome these feelings just by wishing them away. I do plan to try to do better, though.

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