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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Ten more minutes. Ten more minutes, and then ten more.

That's how it happens that I squander Saturday morning daylight week after week. It always seems like a choice, but I always seem to go down the same path. So is it really a choice, or just a game I play with myself? Stay in bed, or get up and get going. At some point I have to make the move, but today, like every Saturday (and every chance I get), I put it off until the last possible moment.

Why did it still seem too early then?

Saturday afternoon gives me a different kind of choice, and I usually make a better one than I did today. I put off a lot of work over the last couple of days, thinking I'd get it all done today. Wrong. But really, it was an easy choice to sit in the recliner and read all afternoon. It was just too hot to do much else. All other choices were closed out by the heat.

I can't do paperwork with the big box fan blowing on me, or papers would be scattered all over the house. (That's the way the house already looks, by the way, but that's on purpose.) It was too hot to be outside, too hot to be moving around at all. I expected to fall asleep with the book in my lap, but I was so near the end that I couldn't stop. And I didn't, because there was no compelling reason to.

It was hard tonight to decide what to watch on TV. The fact that I was going to watch something was never in question, but I did have choices. A year ago, it would have been different. Somehow I've suddenly become heavily invested in NASCAR, and I'll go out of my way to clear my schedule so I don't miss a big race.

I amazes me that I can even say that, especially when the Little League World Series was on the other channel. All I can say is, thank goodness for TiVo. I can watch the race now, and check up on the game later. Besides, I was sure I had a handle on who would win that baseball game. (I was a hundred percent wrong about that.)

28 August 2004

Around my cabin door.

By the time tonight got here, the choice was the same one I have every night. Go to bed now and get some rest, or stay up a little longer. And the decision was the same one I make every night. I stay up until I can't hold my head up. It's just that on nights like this, I kind of wish I'd made a different choice this morning and stayed in bed a little longer. I regret getting up so early, even though it was late.

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