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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Do you think I should have walked out and introduced myself to the sheriffís deputy when they came to tow the yard guyís truck away this afternoon? Do you think they should have knocked on my door and told me what was going on? Or was it okay for me to peek through the mini-blinds while they loaded the heap on their trailer?

To tell you the truth, I think they just assumed that no one was home. They went about their business, and within fifteen minutes of their arrival, they were gone. The deputy did the paperwork on the trunk of her car, and the carrier truck rolled out of here about three oíclock. I did sneak upstairs and take a photo through the loft window, but it was a little awkward. I was trying not to be noticed, so I didnít lean out and yell for everyone to smile.

Five minutes afterward, I walked outside and took a look at the spot where the truck has been sitting for the last six months. Itís bare and rocky there, but thatís only in contrast to the weeds and high grass that have grown up and died in the field all around. There isnít much greenery on that side of the driveway anyway.

The biggest advantage of having the truck gone, aside from removing an eyesore, is that I can now back out of my garage in my preferred direction. Iíve been awkwardly backing the other way all these months, and as a result that side of the driveway is also showing wear and tear. Now this winter I can let things grow back there (and next spring I can cut them all down again).

16 August 2005

On the way out.

So now this sad episode is behind us. That is, unless my yard guy or his family comes back and asks what happened to his truck. Iím pretty sure Iím covered on this. They never left a name and phone number with me, and the sheriffís ten-day notice has been on the windshield for a month and a half. Itís pretty obvious the thing was abandoned, and nothing I could have said would have changed anything. So itís just as well I stayed indoors today, because Iím glad itís gone.

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The Giants didnít get much out of their starting pitching tonight, even though they had their ace going. But they had two players, Pedro Feliz and Deivi Cruz, get five hits each. The team knocked out 19 hits in all in beating the Reds, 10-8. Both Feliz and Cruz had three legs of the cycle. Feliz needed a home run in his last at bat in the ninth but got a leadoff double. Cruz needed a triple but got an RBI single. After waiting six years for a Giant to hit for the cycle until Randy Winn did it last night, they nearly had two more players do it tonight.

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