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Friday, August 18, 2006

There were a couple of different ways I could have gone with the doctor today. I could have gone in with a long list of complaints (and believe me, I know from complaints, legit or not), or I could have tried to get in and out of there as fast as possible and hope not to have to see him for another year. I chose the latter course.

You know, you shouldnít make a man with high blood pressure wait so long in the doctorís office. Iím saying thatís why my BP was up a little bit from the readings Iíve been taking at home (and which I recorded on a little card the doctor gave me last time, which he barely glanced at today). I had to stand in line to check in, which I didnít mind because most of the people in front of me were even older than I am, and probably sicker.

But then I sat down and watched patient after patient who had checked in after me get called in to the examining rooms. I fidgeted. I checked my watch. I pulled my receipt out of my pocket to make sure theyíd put the right name on it. I was about to check in at the desk again, after twenty minutes of sitting, when Nurse Jodie finally called me in. No wonder my BP was slightly elevated.

In fact, I made her take it twice. I pulled out my little card and showed her why I thought her machine was wrong. She wouldnít go that far, but she did use a slightly larger sleeve when she took it the second time. She told me the first one might have been too tight, and that could have caused the higher reading. Iíll happily cosign that idea, although Iíd never heard it before.

And it was down the second time, not within the goal range but down nonetheless. When the doctor came in, he took credit for giving me the right medication in the right dosage on the first try, and he told me to keep taking it. He went over my blood work and told me I was fine, although he encouraged more exercise and a little better diet. I told him I was working on it. He told me to work a little harder.

12 August 2006

Happy Kylie on the houseboat.

And that was it. He wants to see me in three months, just to make sure Iím still going in the right direction. I really had no other complaints worth wasting his time or (especially) my time. I know why I canít sleep, and it has nothing to do with anything but my own unwillingness to go to bed. Iím treating my own allergies with enough success that I didnít want to open that can of worms. And I have no problem with getting more exercise and eating better. Iíll start tomorrow.

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Given up for dead a week ago (by me, anyway), the Giants somehow managed to win their fifth straight game, beating the Dodgers, 7-3. Shea Hillenbrand had three hits, one of the one of three home runs by Giants hitters in the game. Jason Schmidt gave up four hits and left in the eighth with a 6-1 lead, on his way to his tenth victory of the season. Embattled closer Armando Benitez managed to get through the ninth unscathed. Maybe that will quiet the boos of Giant fans. I have a feeling he still has a way to go to earn back their respect, though.

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