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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Having reluctantly come to the conclusion that Iím fighting an unwinnable war in my yard, Iíve decided a change of tactics is needed. Or maybe itís just a change in perspective, but some kind of change is required. No matter how much I put into it, the results are negligible. So Iíve decided that the only way I can keep going is to ignore the results and do what I can, when I can.

Thatís right, Iím taking an artistís view toward my yard work, without holding out any hope that it will ever look as if an artist had anything to do with it. If I could afford to hire a full-time gardener, I would. But for now, Iíll just get out there as often as possible and pull up the dead grass and cut back the overgrowth, until the yard waste container is full for that week. Then Iíll use the mower and weed trimmer until the container has been emptied.

So there will be no ďafterĒ picture after all, because no matter how diligent I am, it never looks as if Iíve done anything. I can see it, usually, at least right after I finish. But I spent half an hour today filling the container, and the patch that I worked on not only still has a massive amount of work yet to do, but itís also so small that you could look right past it and never notice that itís even there.

1 August 2007

Wildflowers blanket my yard.

This isnít surrender, exactly. Well, maybe it is, but itís not giving up. (Thatís not the same thing, is it?) Itís just putting the process before the product. A real artist does that, you know. I feel that way about a lot of what I do. I donít much care about what the cost report says about profitability, but I get some enjoyment out of creating the spreadsheet that produces the cost report. This is the same thing, only with weeds and stuff.

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