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Friday, December 21, 2001

"What's our plan for this afternoon?" That's what the Boss asked when he called me a little after noon. I told him yesterday that I was having the family over today, and I thought he understood that I would be available all morning. I know he understood; he just forgot. Conveniently.

So all these must-do projects that couldn't wait until next Wednesday (!) were suddenly on the table. It looks as if I'll have to find some time over the weekend to work, because I had to flat stop at 3:00 so I could get ready for company. Not that I was doing much, but I had to get the dirty dishes out of the sink and find something to wear.

It took several tries before I had the furniture rearranged. I spend so much time alone that I just keep it cozy and convenient. No one else has to see the TV set, and I hardly ever put the chairs in a circle so people can talk to each other. I can talk to myself just fine anywhere I sit. Conversation is not part of the organizing scheme around here, usually.

After several tries, I got the sofa set at the best possible angle, and then after Mom, Suzanne and Eric showed up we stood around and looked at it for a long time before anyone sat. After we all sang along to this, we had a pleasant visit while we waited for John and David, both of whom were working late. When we were all assembled, we headed out to the restaurant for the birthday dinner.

I don't think I had too much wine, but I'm pretty sure I ate more than I should. I finished my dinner, and my dessert, and Mom's dessert, and Eric's dessert. My diet has seen better days. I think I'll wait until next year before I weigh myself again.

Suzanne, Mom, Michael

The birthday girls and me.

The first thing I did when I got home was put the sofa back where I could lie down and watch TV. Then I lay down and watched TV. To let my dinner digest, don't you know.

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