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Wednesday, December 4, 2002

Maybe it's the silence in the middle of the night. Or all that darkness, maybe that's the problem. I've just about given up, though.

Who needs to sleep at night anyway, when I can have these great naps during the day? Not during the work day, of course. I'm not that irresponsible. But for the last few evenings, I've been unconscious from five to six, and it's been quite refreshing, thank you. It has allowed me to stay up until two or three.

Which, in turn, requires another nap the next day. Isn't it amazing how these things work?

I can't say why it's easier for me to fall asleep with the late afternoon sunlight still seeping through the blinds, and the noise of the rush hour traffic leaking through from Llano Road. It must make me so comfortable that I relax in a way that's not possible in the middle of the night.

Ever since I got the new couch, I've been sleeping on it half the night (when I do sleep at night). I'll put something on the TV that won't keep me awake, like a movie on Lifetime, and just let myself nod off. After an hour or two, I drag myself off to bed until the alarm goes off.

Under this system, I tend to get off to a slow start in the mornings, so it's probably not all for the best. I'm trying to adjust to a system where I don't have to fight sleep, as I've always done. Some people can fall asleep anywhere, at any time. I have to find a way for sleep to overcome my basic desire to be awake at all times.

These late day naps are wonderful. They're like sinking into a warm bath. They're like being tucked into a big bed with heated sheets and downy blankets. Except I'm sitting in my lounge chair, contorted into a V-shape with an afghan covering my legs. If you were to see me that way and guess my age, you'd probably go a little high.


Bird on a branch.

There's nobody here to tell me to go to bed. When I was a kid, I always thought that would be the best thing about being an adult. I'm not sure I was right about that, but it is one of the biggest benefits. On the other hand, maybe Mom was right. She definitely hasn't given up telling me to get a good night's sleep, almost every day of my life. That's a lot of days.

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