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Thursday, December 19, 2002

First things first: A big sour raspberry to everyone who's driving around in this weather without their headlights on. I delivered a few berries personally this morning, on my way to the post office and back. It's dark, and I can barely see you. If it's hard for me see you, I know of other drivers who wouldn't know you were there until they rammed you. Think about that when you're driving around on these low-visibility days as if you're the only car on the road. Brrppp!

How was that? But now I have to wipe the drool off my chin.

Even though the wind isn't blowing as hard today as it did during the last storm, I keep thinking of things I have to get done before the power goes out. It's stressful, not trusting the utility company. It's like having a car that sometimes refuses to start. Every time I lose power, I feel stranded on a cold, dark island. Which is pretty much exactly the case, except I could wade out if I had to.

So I got kind of soaked when I went to the post office, but I had to go. The Boss's ex-wife's alimony check is late, and I promised her I'd deposit it as soon as I got it. I just love being the middle man.

The check is due on the first, but he sometimes forgets to mail it to me. I can't exactly remember why he doesn't mail it directly to her, but it probably has something to do with the "paper trail" that he's in love with. Everything must be recorded, including personal transactions that have nothing to do with me.

Oh, well. I was there when the divorce started, trying not to overhear the colorful language when he shouted at her over the phone. Now it's fifteen years later, and I'm on friendly terms with both of them. I might be the only one.

The check wasn't in the post office box, by the way, so it was a trip out in the storm for nothing. The lines were sure short today, though. Too bad I didn't have any postal business to conduct.

looking west

It didn't look like this long the other day. Clouds got darker and thicker very quickly.

Today is Mom's birthday, and I'll have more to say about that tomorrow. We're celebrating tonight, if the ditches don't overflow so I can't get out of here. It could be a late night, since it's also the Survivor finale. Yes, we do have our priorities in a bit of a twist, but it's a family thing. Anyway, that's the reason this is being posted so early in the day.

Oh, and one more thing. Happy birthday, Mom.

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