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Tuesday, December 24, 2002

I'm not going to miss the pace or the tension of the last month,
but I am going to miss the songs,
and the colors,
and the lights on my tree,
and the Very Special Episodes,
and the holiday treats,

and the myriad excuses to get together with people I don't see often enough,
and the Boss telling me to go ahead and take all the personal time off I need,

and thinking about what to give to people,
and being able to buy it and give it without the usual guilt,

and free shipping,

and the gradual blooming
(and sudden collapse)
of my amaryllis,

and the one or two strangers every day who made eye contact,
and even smiled at me,
and once in awhile said something cheery,
like "Merry Christmas."

That's what I'll miss.

vapor trail

Something streaking across the December sky.

Now that the madness of Christmas is almost over, we can start working for peace on earth, and an end to the real madness. Peace. There's a sentiment even a nonbeliever can get behind. Even if you're at war for a cause, what you're fighting for is victory, and then peace. Some day, somehow, peace.

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