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Sunday, December 19, 2004

We crammed another celebration into this crazy month tonight when we all got together for Momís birthday. Suzanne fixed tacos at Momís request, with extra napkins as always to keep the grease from dripping off her chin and elbows. She really gets into tacos.

Aiden made a brief appearance (with his parents and puppy, natch), but heís having a miserable time with teething just now, so he didnít stay for dinner. He laughed at me and talked to me, though, and thatís all I needed to make me forget about all the things that have been weighing me down lately. Heís such a good baby that even when heís not at his best, heís still his own sweet, mellow self. I wish I could be more like him.

We do have more than our share of December birthdays in the family, I think. I missed Suzanneís last week when I was sick; there are some things you just donít want to give somebody, no matter how much you care. I was feeling better today, if not quite up to full speed yet. I thought I was over it for a couple of days, but itís trying to linger (and Iím trying to ignore it, because fighting it hasnít worked).

Mom doesnít want much for her birthday, except to be with the family (and eat tacos). In her new place, she doesnít really have room for a lot of Stuff. She got rid of a lot of excess Stuff when she moved, so itís no use trying to fill up space that just doesnít exist.

16 December 2004

Cloud streak.

Suzanne and John and Eric and I were with her all afternoon, and David and Tammy and Aiden (and Titus) were around long enough to make this a pretty good birthday. Mom would be the best judge of that, though, since sheís had more of them than any of the rest of us.

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Soft tortillas rolled with hamburger, cheese, onions, lettuce and taco sauce. Itís an old family tradition. Some add diced tomatoes and/or avocados, but I donít. I donít use hot sauce, either, on account of my sensitive tongue.

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