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Sunday, December 26, 2004

If the calendar is ever revised, maybe they should think about making the day after Christmas two days long. Couldnít we just insert an extra day right after every big holiday, to help us move on to the next phase? It would have to be a day when nobody could be expected to have any obligations, when a person could sleep late, watch football all day, and then hammer out a sorry journal entry that night.

Ah, but thereís the rub, no? Everybody has obligations, and whatever jobs you have to do will always expand to fill whatever time you have available to do them. I canít exactly remember whose law that is, but if nobody else wants to claim it, Iíll take it.

This might as well have been that sort of day for me. Thatís the way I used it, anyway. I did all those things, starting with sleeping late, and even with Monday coming up faster than it really should, I tried hard not to think about all the work I could have been doing.

Besides, it was raining. Not just raining, it was storming. The wind was blowing the rain directly at my windows. If Iíd opened a door, Iíd have been soaked immediately. So I didnít open a door all day long, never ventured out nor even thought about it. I didnít give any consideration to all the shoppers returning gifts to all the stores. If they want to be out in the storm, fine for them. All the more reason for me to stay home.

25 December 2004

Busy Aiden.

I didnít want to wait until I get a new stereo receiver. Okay, I couldnít wait, so last night I watched one of my new DVDs on the computer. Thatís not exactly the most comfortable way to watch a movie (until two in the morning). I was moving furniture around, trying to keep my back (and my backside) from suffering. But I couldnít wait to watch ďManos,Ē the Hands of Fate on the MST3K disc Eric gave me. It was just as awful (and funny) as I remembered.

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I didnít post an entry last night. Too tired. I nearly didnít get one posted tonight. Too lazy, I guess. I had so many Christmas photos to go through that I didnít leave much time for anything else. I donít know if this is the way things are going to go, but Iím coming up on the fifth anniversary of the first entry in this journal, and itís getting harder and harder to tie myself to the computer in the evenings, when Iím so busy all day every day. Iím not saying I wonít write every day, but I might continue falling behind and then posting two entries at a time to catch up. Never more than two, though, so I probably wonít fall too far behind.

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