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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

There was a lot less traffic when I was driving home from Suzanneís house tonight at 10:30 than there was when I was driving over there at 5:30 pm. Traffic is kind of maddening this time of year, and I tend to isolate myself more and more the closer we get to Christmas. But it was a pleasure to be driving late tonight, with hardly any other cars on the road. Of course, it was 36ļF, and that could have been a factor. We Californians donít go for that kind of chill.

She and I try to get together for lunch at least once a month, but because of our schedules it just hasnít worked out for the last several weeks. So, with John out of town on business, we had dinner together tonight. And, as an added bonus, Eric was there, too. I always have fun when Iím with him. We connect on a level that I donít share with anyone else. I think I grew up a little when he was born, and then I watched him grow up.

We laughed and talked about old times and new times and times yet to come. Itís the kind of conversation, and the kind of relationship for that matter, that only people whoíve known each other all their lives can have. Itís what families are for, and I feel a little sadness for anyone who doesnít have it, or has lost it. Some families drift apart, but we wonít let that happen. Even people who have been gone for many, many years are still a part of us, because we work at keeping them with us.

21 November 2006

Flock of clouds.

Even though I spend a lot of time alone, Iím in daily contact with the family and I never feel isolated. But thereís no substitute for being with them, in one room, wrapped in the shared history and common interests that bind us together. Without that, or the prospect of that, from time to time, I really would feel alone.

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Youíve already heard that Bushís anti-UN Ambassador John Bolton is resigning. Thatís not the news. The news is that two weeks ago he tried to block a UN resolution commemorating the two hundredth anniversary of the end of the Atlantic slave trade. This probably doesnít mean that Bolton is pro-slavery, but isnít it a little embarrassing that the United States is the country trying to stop the UN from recognizing a milestone like this? Iíll offer that it is, indeed, an embarrassment, as Bolton has been throughout his unconfirmed recess appointment, which cannot end too soon.

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