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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Even though I constantly complain about getting interrupted while Iím working, there are days (today, for example) when an interruption is just the ticket. Some days (like today) just kind of drag out in a limitless desert of time, unless I have the good fortune to have something (sometimes anything) happen, out of the blue and without warning (or reason). Why, I even answered the phone today to strangers. Twice!

Once in a great while, when the Boss calls during the day, out of a wicked kind of perversity Iíll keep him on the phone longer than he really wants to stay. Iíll ask random questions, sometimes about business, sometimes about his family. Sometimes even about the weather. Heís even less of a natural conversationalist than I am, so itís kind of funny, in a mean sort of way. He occasionally initiates awkward attempts at engaging in normal human social interaction, but itís a strain for him. So itís kind of fun to see how far I can push it.

Itís not as if I didnít have real work that I could have been doing today. But my work keeps me pretty isolated from the rest of the world, so I have to do what I can to remind the world that Iím here, and alive, and maintaining a modest level of functionality, even as I grumble about the annoying jangling of the phone from dawn till dusk.

23 December 2009

But Iím still not answering those ďPrivateĒ calls that come in on my cell phone every single day, twice a day, once between noon and one, and later between eight and nine. Iím tempted, just to see what itís all about, but Iím not about to encourage the intrusion.

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