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Monday, December 19, 2011

About halfway through the vacuuming and dusting and mopping and so forth that I was doing today to get ready for the auditor's visit tomorrow, I decided that too much cleanliness might send the wrong message. I wouldn't want her (I think it's a her) to get the wrong idea. What if she decides I must spend so much time keeping my house in order that I don't have enough time to keep my books in order? Well, there's no chance she'll think that now. I stopped just in time.

Somehow I got talked into two audits within eight days, one tomorrow and one next Wednesday. These are for two different companies, and the workers' compensation policies are handled by two different insurance companies, and the auditors are two people I've never met before. I'm past all the stress I used to put on myself over the paperwork, but I still get squirmy when there are strangers in my house. I just hope she doesn't have to use my bathroom.

To edge things over toward the safe side, no coffee will be served during her visit.

In spite of my general negligence and very bad attitude, the house actually does look better than it normally does. Not that you could tell the difference, of course, unless you lived here. And even those of us who do live here are so used to the clutter that when it's cleared away, the rest of the dust and dirt becomes more noticeable. A more dedicated person than I am would take advantage of this situation and continue cleaning. Probably. I couldn't really say for sure.

On an entirely different note, the whole family got together yesterday to celebrate Mom's 85th birthday (which is, in fact, today). I regret to say that most of the pictures I took ended up being of people approximately eighty years younger than Mom. But you can see the photos from yesterday at Flickr, if you are so inclined. (Or Facebook, if you are inclined that way.) Anyway, happy birthday, Mom!

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