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February 6, 2000

Sundays should be a time to relax, go through the newspaper, listen to some jazz, indulge in whatever. Well, two out of three here.

I stopped taking the Chronicle in a snit a few months ago, because I didn't like the way the carrier was ignoring my requests about where to throw it. They still call me at least twice a week, trying to lure me back. I can have Monday through Saturday free, if I would only subscribe to the Sunday paper. I really should do it, but (a) I'm still pissed, and (b) I'm even more pissed that they keep calling me, even after I've told them I'm not interested.

A few weeks ago I was told that I'd be taken off the calling list and no one would bother me again for at least six months. That sounded fine; I thought I might be in a more receptive mood by then anyway. But I got another call two days later, and now it's a battle of wills. The more they call, the less likely I am to say yes. I don't like being stalked, and I won't reward it, even if it means I have to dig out a couple of quarters six days a week and find a newsstand that hasn't run out yet. On Sundays I don't bother. It's a dollar and a half, and I can't keep track of that many quarters at one time.

It's not like me, to hold these irrational grudges. Usually I'm the first one to back off in any dispute, because I'm never so sure I'm right that I can't see the other person's side. Often I give more benefit of the doubt than someone probably deserves, but I just don't like to waste confrontations on matters that don't matter. If I save my indignation for times when I truly feel the wrath, I tend to be much more articulate in defending my position. So I let the little things go. I'm naturally nervous anyway, so why add to the stress level unnecessarily? I'm saving it for when it counts.

So anyway, I settled in for a day of R&R, sans the Sunday Chronicle. Half a day, actually, considering how late I slept in this morning. Didn't shave, which was a sure sign I wasn't planning to go out. It was sunny, so I should have taken a walk but didn't. I could have gone to a movie but decided I'd rather sit in the sunshine than in the dark, so I flopped in front of the living room window and let the sun stream in while I read the third Harry Potter book.

My nephew Eric called this afternoon from work. He was getting off in a while and wanted to drop by and say hey, making me glad I'd decided to stay home. He was here for an hour or so, and we talked about the usual things - baseball, movies, computers, his tae kwon do, my looking for a new place. He's been working every day for the last couple of weeks. It had been a while since we'd seen each other, so it was cool that he came by today.

My ISP was offline for a few hours this afternoon, and don't think that didn't throw me into a stew. Not only could I not read my favorite journals, but I was afraid I might miss a day uploading my own. (Not that the world would have ended had no one been able to read these ramblings.) It would be the first time I missed a day, although I don't expect to go through the entire year with a spotless record. I'm just not ready to break the streak yet. I'm not sure what to do about vacation. I'll be gone a week in June, and another in July. Since I'll still be writing every day, but out of reach of an Internet connection, I'll probably just post everything I've written after I get home.

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