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Monday, February 14, 2005

Slow motion was the order of the day. Iíve felt muscle soreness for some unaccountable reason for the last few days. Maybe itís just that I donít stretch my legs enough to keep them loose, but lately they really feel tight. Now that the rain has started again, I wonít have as much of a chance to get out. That leaves indoor stretching (which, in turn, leaves me cold).

Then when I got back from my errands I couldnít move because I was chilled. I got caught in the first of the icy raindrops, and by the time Iíd made it from the garage to the house I was soaked through. I could feel it in my bones, but also in my throat and chest and head. This wasnít looking like a very good Monday.

And wouldnít you know, this afternoon the pain in my right hand returned, with a vengeance. I started resting it as much as possible, but I still had a number of checks that had to be written so they can be mailed tomorrow. Thatís what takes the biggest toll on my hand and wrist, that business of writing, the old-fashioned way, with a pen. Thatís why I use one with a big foam grip on it, but today it didnít matter.

And by tonight, I was just worn down. I couldnít do much moving around, and I didnít have an appetite so I didnít have the incentive the putter around the kitchen, much less drag out the old Debbie Reynolds tape and start getting the cobwebs out of whatís left of my muscles. Chopping potatoes or doing one-handed push-ups are examples of the kinds of things I try to avoid when my arthritis kicks up like this.

26 January 2005

Looking west through my yard on a cloudy winter day.

Itís a good thing I had only repetitive tasks to do today. A good thing and a bad thing, I guess. I probably couldnít have made my way through anything complex or challenging, but who wants to do the same thing over and over, especially if it hurts? That doesnít improve my physical well-being or my mood. And it pretty much assures that tomorrow wonít be a lot better, unless the sun comes out. Thatís not in the forecast (which is the only thing that gives me hope).

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Since I donít get the Sunday paper, Mom sent me links from yesterdayís ads for lawnmowers. Itís getting to the time when Iím going to have to do something, and it doesnít make sense for me to pay someone for one mowing the same amount it would cost to get a machine that would allow me to do it myself, time after time. After time after time after time. There is all that ďworkĒ to think about, I guess, when adding up the costs. No decision has been made yet.

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