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Sunday, February 5, 2006

This is maybe the most iconic day in the United States that isnít also an official national holiday. Even people who donít care about football (and they are legion) are affected by the fact that everyone else is watching the game. (And besides, thereís nothing much on TV except the game and a bunch of reruns.)

Those of us who do watch the Super Bowl often watch it with friends and family. Itís a communal thing, enjoyed more when shared with people of similar interests. I had that chance today, to watch the game with David and Kylie, but I foolishly passed. Or maybe not so foolishly, because last night I was feeling so feverish that I looked through my medicine cabinet for a thermometer.

As it turned out, I didnít find the thermometer, and by today I wasnít feeling sick. Just tired, as if Iíd run a marathon a day for the last week or so. And anyway, David and Tammy were out late last night, so I figured they could use the rest as much as I could. Thatís my excuse, but I kind of wish Iíd gone ahead and watched with them. I havenít had a lot of opportunities to spend time with them lately.

2 February 2006

Red sunset.

But I watched the game at home alone, and it was okay. I could turn away when it got tedious, and I could take notes on the commercials, in case I wanted to do an entry critiquing them. They were nearly as interesting as the game, and there were a few really good ones. But without an Internet connection, I couldnít even check and see what other people were saying about them.

Thatís another disadvantage of my dead phone line. I have to rely on my own unfiltered thoughts to decide how I feel about something like this. Itís way farther out on a limb than Iím use to being.

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Kylie wasnít worried when the halftime score of the Super Bowl was only 7-3, because she thought things would break open in the second half. She was expecting the defenses to dominate the game, so it wasnít a big surprise that the result turned on a pair of big interceptions, one that kept the Seahawks in the game and another that took them right out of it again. She sort of felt that even though Ben Roethlisberger didnít have a very good game, maybe he should have been named MVP, although she was satisfied that Hines Ward won that honor, because he was at the center of every big offensive play for the Steelers, who won 21-10 and got their fifth Super Bowl championship, but their first since the 1970s.

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