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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My day went spinning out of control in the middle of the afternoon, and I didnít recover until Iíd spent some money I probably shouldnít have and eaten some things I know I shouldnít have. But thatís just the way it goes sometimes.

It all started with a phone call at just the wrong time. Iíd talked to the Boss this morning and told him I was making good progress on the Big Project. I almost made the mistake of telling him I thought Iíd be done by the middle of next week, but I caught myself in time. But I told him, in the politest possible way, that the more he left me alone, the sooner Iíd get done. Not only did he promise to try to keep the phone and fax quiet, but he also said heíd tell Tim not to call.

It was a super double bonus, and I took it to heart by getting right to the tedious busywork of updating all of the year-end cost reports. Thatís the easiest part of the Big Project, but the most time-consuming. Once itís done, I can sail through to the next round, as they say on TV. What I didnít expect was that Julie would call and ask me to type something for her (for the Boss, really, but he wouldnít ask me directly). It was a one-page letter and took only a few minutes, but it broke my momentum and reminded me that Iíd been sitting at the computer too long at one time. All of a sudden my back started hurting.

So I decided I needed a break. I made a cup of tea and sat down to read for a few minutes, all the while thinking Iíd be getting back to work when the teacup was empty. That didnít happen. I got too close to the end of the book, and I wanted to finish it. Itís a sad, moving book, and I got sadder and sadder. When I finished the book, I could have gone back to work on the cost reports, but instead I started looking around for something happier to read.

What I found was Truman, David McCulloughís 1100-page biography. Well, you know what a sloooow reader I am. I wasnít inclined to dedicate the rest of my reading life to one book, but it occurred to me that if I had the audio book version, I could listen during the day while I worked. I wouldnít want to listen to a novel, but history and politics seemed like good ways to spend the day, especially now that Al Frankenís show on Air America Radio has ended. The three hours a day Iíve been listening to him are now freed up, and audio books might be a good substitute.

Instead of buying the audio book, I checked several online sites that rent them. I had several browser windows open, comparing prices, selections, and service. I hesitated. I changed my mind at least three times. But then I went ahead and subscribed to the service that seemed to suit me best. Itís a six-month trial plan, because it was cheaper that way, but I had immediate regrets. Buyerís remorse. But in five to seven days my copy of Truman should be here, and Iíll reevaluate then. I can always back out and get most of my money back.

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And then tonight, to cure my blue mood, I ate a frozen pizza. Iíll save the story of how horribly inappropriate a choice that was for another time.

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