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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It started last night, really. The Boss found some time to work on the financial reports, and he phoned about 5:30 pm, asking if it would be okay if he called me any time he had a question. I thought I knew what that meant, and I was right. Every four or five minutes for the next hour, the phone would ring and he would want me to look at something with him. ďDonít worry,Ē he told me about halfway through this. ďItís almost beer time.Ē

It continued this morning, too, and most of the afternoon. What-if-we-did-this and what-if-we-did-that, over and over until my eyes watered. He doesnít understand how the spreadsheets work, even though he invented them. When he did them, it was all by hand in a big ledger book, so if he wanted to change something he had to recalculate all the rows and columns.

As for me, I didnít know there even were spreadsheets before Lotus 1-2-3. I put the Bossís formulas into a Lotus worksheet about twenty years ago, transferred them to Excel (about 19 years ago), and Iíve never really looked back. I donít worry about how they work, because the calculations are built in and automatic. I just plug in the raw data and send them to him, so that he can pick them apart.

It kind of fried me when he called early this morning and asked if I could check my calculations on one item. It was all I could do not to laugh and cry at the same time. I got loud when I informed him that if something was wrong, it wasnít the calculations. And I was right. He was looking at a result that was the product of two other numbers. He just didnít know what other numbers they were supposed to be, so I happily informed him, and went back to bed.

It wasnít to be, though, and I pretty much gave up on getting anything done today. I spent most of it waiting for the next phone call, until he finally said, ďI think weíre done.Ē He told me he was satisfied with the last of umpteen revisions, and he was sending everything to the accountant. I breathed a sigh of relief and went on to the other things I had scheduled for today. Itís been awhile since Iíve had time to do my real daily work. It was only today, for example, on the last day of February, that I got around to reconciling the January bank statement.

28 February 2007

Clouds rumbling by.

So I guess I tried to get too much done in the few hours I had left after the Bossís onslaught, because I had a relapse. Late this afternoon I could feel my neck and shoulder tightening up. I swore after last week that I wouldnít let this happen again, but itís hard to remember to take breaks when I get on a roll. Itís foolish, though, to jeopardize tomorrow by trying to get a tiny bit more done today. Iíd like to say Iíve learned my lesson, but it seems I keep having to relearn it.

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