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Monday, February 18, 2008

The Bossís first words when he phoned this morning were, ďPresidentsí Day.Ē So right off I knew that he knew that it was a holiday. The next thing out of his mouth was a question about an invoice, followed by an instruction to pay it today. So I knew that he didnít consider P-Day a real holiday. Itís sort of like the county dump, which is only closed four days a year. They go by the same calendar that the Boss has inside his head.

As you know, Iím a stickler for punctuation, and I get all skeevy when an apostrophe is in the wrong place. I havenít actually looked up where the apostrophe in ďPresidentsí DayĒ is supposed to go, but Iíve made the editorial decision that for my own purposes it must go after the s and not before. That way the current president canít think that itís his day and his alone. After the s means itís the day of all the presidents, or at least more than one. Iím pretty adamant about that.

14 February 2008

A Great Egret landed in my yard a few days ago, walked around for a bit, then flew off.

Itís been about three weeks since the last rain, and the puddles in the driveway have finally dried up. Thereís still an essence of muddiness when I walk out to the garage, or up the way to get the mail (which I didnít have to do today, because, you know, itís P-Day), but at least I can get from here to there without sinking up to my ankles. Itís just a shame that the weather has been so cold and gray these last few days, so I wouldnít have anything to complain about. Weather-wise, that is.

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