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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

When I make a promise, I try to remember to keep it, without people having to remind me. Iím not perfect, but I do my best. And I donít think I should have to remind people of the promises they made to me. For months now, Iíve been hearing that Tim is going to come by and (a) haul away the massive old copier thatís taking up space in my living room, and (2) lay down some gravel in my muddy rutted driveway.

Itís been a couple of days since the last storm, but the rain at that time was enough to turn the driveway to sludge again, and every time I either walk through it or drive through it, I think about Timís promise. Sometimes I get so tweaked out by the thought that I stomp through the puddles with enough force to splash all the way over the fence. That doesnít do any good, of course, but itís somehow a helpful coping mechanism.

Tonight I had the perfect opportunity to bring it home, because Tim called me (after hours) to let me know that heíd made a mistake on the time cards for the payroll checks Iíd spent all day writing. I told him to make the correction on next weekís time cards, because I wasnít about to rewrite any checks at 7:30 pm. Then he asked me, ďIs there anything you need from me?Ē

Well, of course, youíre going to say I should have reminded him of his promises, but I simply couldnít bring myself to do it. I hesitated after he asked, thinking maybe I was giving him the opportunity to remember on his own. If he did, he wasnít offering. In fact, he used the gap to tell me about how hard his days have been, and I took that as my cue to let it drop. I just gave him a low key ďNo, but thanks.Ē

25 February 2008

A door with no handle might need bricks to keep it closed.

Now when it comes to money, you probably do have to remind me. If I owe you money, or if you owe me money, Iím ever so likely to forget about it until someone else brings it up. So by all means, borrow money from me, if I have it, which I usually donít. Most likely, I wonít think about asking for it back, and if I do think about it, I wonít ask anyway. And please donít hesitate to lend me a few bucks if I ask, because I donít mind being nudged about repaying you. In fact, if you tell me I owe you money, Iíll most likely just believe you and pay you back, whether I remember or not.

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