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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ten years used to be a long time, but it goes by so fast now that I'm on a downhill coast. I've been thinking for at least five of the last ten years that I should probably replace the rotting old sneakers I've been wearing for, well, ten years. But by the time I got motivated, the store where I'd bought every pair of shoes I owned for the last thirty years (let's say for round numbers) had gone bankrupt and closed.

As you know, change is hard enough. It would have been hard to discard my old shoes, without having to find a whole brand new place to buy brand new shoes. So I dragged my feet (so to speak) for another five years, and now here we are, ten years on. Shoes get kind of raggedy after ten years, no matter how kindly you treat them. They were still comfortable, and I'm not out to impress anyone with my sense of style, but still.

So I bet myself I could find another pair on line, exactly like the ones I've been wearing for ten years, only looking more like they did ten years ago (rather than how they've looked for the last nine and a half years). All it took was one try and I found what I was looking for, ordered them, and here I am a few days later wearing them. (I really expected to lose that bet.) I'd like to say, "You're welcome," to anyone who's had to look at my feet in the last few years (not a large number of people, mercifully). And I'd also like to say, "Ow."

These are not hard shoes, but they're harder than my feet are used to. For now, they will be walking around the house, and maybe out the driveway to get the mail. By tomorrow I might be ready to take them to the bank and the post office. No running on the treadmill just yet, though. I'll keep the rotting, raggedy ones for that, for now.

Just for fun, a fuzzy cellphone photo of the new (and old) shoes is here. And by the way, they geo-located me wrong, so don't use the map to come looking for me.

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