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Monday, January 26, 2004

Today was everything yesterday wasn't. Rushed and hectic and unproductive, yes, but also cold and gray and damp. I need another weekend stuck in between Sunday and Monday. Two bonus 28-hour days would be just about right. That's the only way I'll get everything done without undue strain and suffering.

Okay, that's a little dramatic. I had to take time out of my tax accounting to pay company bills today, and the Boss had some corrections to a twenty-page spec we've been working on, and the phone was not Sunday-still but Monday-shrill. Plus, I had to review the tapes for my mime class— I mean, my ASL class tomorrow night.

This document the Boss wanted me to revise had a word changed here and there, and a couple of additions. So naturally he had to fax me the whole twenty pages, and I had to print and fax back the whole spec because the pagination changed when I filled in some of the blanks he'd left on the last version.

It's in outline form and he switched around some of the paragraphs, so I had to figure out how to change E.7 to F.1 without losing E.8 and E.9. It's been so long since I've taken any word processing classes that I almost forgot how to do that kind of formatting, but it all comes back sooner or later. It just took a little more of my valuable time than it should have.

And knowing him, by tomorrow he'll probably have a change of heart and ask me to put it back the way it was. I guess I should have saved a copy of the old version.

Maybe not, though, because he told me he'll be on the road for the next three days, taking measurements and schmoozing with the bigwigs in Sacramento. He didn't say "schmoozing," of course, or "bigwigs." He speaks plain Midwestern English. I think he said something like "hobnobbing with the muckety-mucks."

Now do you believe I'm tired?

Anyway, while he's on the road, I'll either get more done because he won't be bothering me, or I'll get less done because I'll spend most of the day trying to track him down to give him messages. No matter what happens, the month will end Saturday.

23 January 2004

Hole in the clouds.

Not really, though, as far as the government is concerned. They can't handle Saturdays in Washington and Sacramento, so they give us an extra two days. That means that anything I have to get finished by the end of the month doesn't really need to be postmarked until next Monday. I guess you know what that means. I'll be working again next weekend. Deadlines, man. They're the only reason I ever do any work at all.

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We're at the winnowing point in the primary process, and with luck some of the less savory bottom feeders among the Democratic candidates will be given the hook in New Hampshire tomorrow. If Joe Lieberman can't finish any higher than fourth or fifth in his own back yard (well, a few houses up the street anyway), what's he going to do in the places where all the votes are? He shouldn't count on California, I can promise you that.

Anything less than a double-digit win for Kerry will be a setback. Anything below second place for Dean will be a crushing blow. Edwards can only help himself by doing well in a northern state. All Clark needs to do is hang on for South Carolina and hope for the best there. If Kucinich and Sharpton get any votes, everyone else should drop out. It just keeps getting more interesting.

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