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Sunday, January 1, 2006

The reason I live alone is choice and circumstance. Which is to say, there is no reason. It just happened, and I did nothing to change it (mostly because it suits me and Iím content with it).

Itís not that I donít have a lot of support from my family, and some very good friends. You donít have to tell me how lucky I am in that department. Alone? Yes. Lonely? Once in a while, sure, but my people take care of me, above and beyond any obligation on their part.

But obviously, there are ways my life can be better, and itís mostly in my own hands. Thatís why I make the same resolutions every new year. Why itís so hard for me to keep them is another question, but I start with all good intentions. Every single time.

So here we go again: Iím going to take better care of myself, and Iím going to make an effort to get more out of my life. Thatís as specific as I care to get, at least here in a public forum. My intentions arenít all that specific anyway; itís like beauty (and pornography) — I know it when I see it. Iím taking a reactive approach this time around. In 365 days, Iíll let you know how well that has worked out for me.

What it comes down to is making better decisions. In fact, thereís my resolution: make better decisions.

31 December 2005

Cloudy winter day.

In one area, I do need to be a little more specific. Money. I canít be spending money on myself all the time, so Iím going to reinstitute a buying ban that worked for me a couple of years back. Iím not going to buy any CDs or DVDs for myself in 2006.

Itís going to hurt (Amazon and Overstock and Buy.com as well as me), but I can get movies from Netflix and DirecTV, and I have all the music I could want, between XM and Rhapsody (which I pay for) and LaunchCast and iTunes radio (which I donít). If I let myself spend $13, $15, $18 or $25 at a time for things I donít really need, it adds up fast enough to keep me from doing what I really want to do with my money.

Thatís an area thatís easy to improve; all I have to do is stop cold turkey.

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Speaking of XM, I taught myself how to use one of its features last night when I had it record a program that was on in the middle of the night. X Country had a countdown of the top fifty albums in its particular genre (progressive country and alt-country), starting at four oíclock in the morning. So after football was over today I started playing it back, to see if it worked. It worked. Plus, I can repeat songs or skip songs, and I can get a list of the songs that were played and pick which ones I want to listen to. And itíll save the recording until I get around to listening to the whole three hours. Then I can record something else. This is so cool.

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