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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lately Iíve been driving around with the car stereo off, just in case the most recent starting problems Iíve had have something to do with the battery, and in case keeping the stereo off might help. I like the sound of music (or even talk, though not ďtalk radioĒ) because it muffles the sound of the engine, which I donít like hearing, mostly because I donít know what all the different sounds mean, and so I work them up in my mind into something ominous. So I play music instead.

Itís pretty much the same at home. My house doesnít have an engine, but it does make noises, and I have the radio or TV on almost constantly anyway, so I rarely hear it. Today, though, I turned off the Texas Fredís Zydeco Trailride show on XM12 Cross Country and sat down to read for a few minutes. I donít often have the chance to do this, sit down and read, and I was really enjoying the silence, right up until I heard the ticking in the wall.

Or maybe it wasnít a ticking as much as a clicking, or— Oh, I donít know. The sound a rat makes when itís eating through your pantry, maybe? Because thatís what I was thinking when I got out of the recliner to check. The sound of the chair handle lowering my feet to the ground would have scared the rat away, but the ticking or clicking kept going, so I opened the cupboard doors above the stove, which is where most of the action always seems to be set. Thatís where the ants were the last time, anyway.

Nothing there, though, and my saltines seemed to be intact. A few feet to the left, though, and down on the counter, my coffee maker was ticking. And clicking. I donít think it was about to explode, but it was late enough in the day to turn it off, so I did. I didnít get much reading done, but I was supposed to be working anyway, so I just turned the radio back on and went back to it.

16 January 2007

Frozen spider webs on the wooden wind chimes.

Iím especially attuned to house noises since the recent rock throwing incidents, which by the way have continued off and on since the first time. I have yet to catch anybody at it, but I have found rocks in the side yard that shouldnít be there, and from the street you can see skid marks down the slope of the roof. I will point these out to the landlord when I get a chance. The sound of the rocks hitting, if it continues, will probably make me seek him out.

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