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Saturday, January 12, 2008

The closest I came to doing any work today was opening a blank spreadsheet when I turned the computer on this morning. Well, I did go to the post office and pick up the company mail, so I guess technically that falls into the ďworkĒ category (in the same sense that lying awake at night worrying about deadlines is ďwork,Ē I suppose). I was serious when I planned to get some work done today, but I should have known better. This is a typical Saturday pattern, and I might as well accept it.

The closest thing I did to housework today (and thereís plenty of it that could have been done) was changing a light bulb. Over the last couple of weeks Iíve managed to track in leaves and twigs and even a little mud, but Iím waiting for it to dry up a bit more before running the vacuum cleaner over it. At least, thatís my excuse for not doing it yet. Besides, the grounds are still muddy, so thereís every chance Iíll track in more of the same. Maybe Iíll just wait until spring to worry about it.

12 January 2008

It's too bad the gumbo didn't taste as good as it looked (or look as good as it smelled).

My one actual accomplishment of the day was the gumbo I made, and really, all I did was chop up the chicken, sausage and vegetables and throw it all in the crock pot this morning. And then I had to resist the temptation all day to open the lid and take deep breaths, because the smell was very comforting. I might make a habit of slow cooking on Saturdays. Itís about the only thing that went right today (although it could have gone even better).

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