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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It was a much calmer day than yesterday, for a couple of reasons. First, all the bad stuff already happened, so there wasnít anything left to break today. (And the part I ordered was shipped today.) And second, it was really calm without being connected to the Internet all day. It made it easy to decide what to do with my time, options being limited and all.

I was easier for other people to deal with, too. I didnít scream at anyone, even the idiots on the road in front of me. I made points with the Boss simply by answering some questions he had and doing a little typing that he asked for, without complaining. Not that he hears me complain very often, but he does have moments when he asks me whatís wrong with me. None of that today, though. I was cool.

Tonight wasnít as cool. Itís just not that much fun trying to cram all my Internet hours into the evening. I couldnít get started until almost 7:00 tonight, and I ran out of gas before I could do half of what I thought I wanted to do. Maybe Iím too dependent, but Iíll be happy when things get back to normal, even if it makes my work and play times overlap more than they should.

25 January 2009

Landing clouds.

It would be even cooler if I could say that I was ready for the audit, but Iím not quite there yet. Iím happy with where I am, though, and thatís more than I could say a day ago. Things are thisclose to getting back to normal (whatever that is).

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