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Monday, January 4, 2010

Sure, start out the new year with high hopes, high expectations, big plans and a fresh attitude. Knuckle down, buckle down, etc. Then run head-on into a brick wall, or reality. Iím not sure thereís a difference. What do you do then? I guess you check and see if the wall is okay, then try to climb over it instead.

What I accomplished today will just have to do. I didnít do any of the January stuff, but I did all of the absolutely necessary Monday stuff, and that will just have to suffice for the first Monday in January.

3 January 2010

My only excuse is that no matter what month it is, this was still a Monday. Bills must be paid. Too many things arenít due until the end of the month, which makes those last two or three days a mad rush to the finish line. Itís okay, though, because I will spend the first 28 or 29 days worrying myself sick about it.

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