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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In the olden days of yore, way back when businesses were thriving and we thought it would always be so, for the last two months or so of each year the mail would bring us more calendars than we had any use (or wall space) for. All of our business associates, at least the ones who thought providing calendars would encourage us to keep them in our Rolodex, sent us calendars for the new year. Some of them were pretty nice, too.

Even during the last two years of recession, we were still getting calendars, but this year, for some reason, we got cut off. Maybe it's because we never sent any calendars to them in return. Whatever the reason, I ended up 2010 with just one Twenty Eleven calendar from a parts supplier, and that is now the calendar that hangs on the wall behind my computer desk. It's okay, but I'm used to better.

So during the last week of December I actually ordered a couple of calendars on line. I had planned to go to a real bookstore and pick them out myself, but it was so wet and muddy, and I was so horrendously busy, that I took the easy way out. I'm still waiting for those calendars to arrive, and still relying on the supplier's calendar to record my daily workouts and weekly blood pressure checks, along with reminders (like the one for tomorrow morning, when I finally have an appointment to take my car in for service and smog check).

One thing I do yearly is buy myself two page-a-day calendars: one Sudoku and one New York Times crosswords. Those I already have, and I like to do the one for each day on that day. Sometimes I start the next day's at midnight and stay up until it's done. You can imagine how late I stay up on the night the calendar publishes the Sunday crossword.

And I'm happy to say that the Sudoku calendar, just this year, added one more hard puzzle each week and deleted one very easy puzzle per week. I can't even explain how ridiculously happy that makes me. So I guess I won't try, except to say that a very easy Sudoku is a useful waste of time (while a hard one is of course a totally useful waste of time).

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