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Saturday, July 3, 2004

Since I've always thought that boredom was due to a failure of imagination, I've never let myself get bored.

That, of course, is a lie. I've never let myself wallow in boredom; that much is true. I won't whine and complain and ask Mom when school is going to start. And more to the point, I'll never admit to being bored.

But today was long and uneventful, and if I were prone to boredom, this would have been the day for it. I'd planned to sleep late, and I trumped myself by sleeping about an hour later than the latest I ever sleep. It's not like when I was a teenager and could routinely sleep until noon or later on the weekend. Now 9:30 am is late for me, so sleeping until 10:30 seems borderline decadent.

Even sleeping that late leaves a lot of the rest of the day to fill. I'd hoped to get some work done today, when it just might be quiet enough to stay on task. I never really got started, though, so keeping my focus was never a problem. I just didn't have it.

1 July 2004

Afternoon shadows on the grove.

So I gave myself permission to do the kind of thing that some people might consider boring. I sat and watched a baseball game, and then I sat and watched an auto race. You'd be surprised how entertained I can be without moving a muscle for about eight hours. And all guilt-free, too, but only because it's an aberration, and not the norm. I couldn't live like this all the time. But if I did I wouldn't be bored.

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We've been telling each other all season ("we" Giants fans, that is) that we were one starting pitcher away from being a first place team. Well, now the Giants are in first place, thanks in large part to the starters who have stepped up their game over the last two months. And today they lost, thanks to (a) uncharacteristically (and embarrassingly) (and excruciatingly) bad defense by their second baseman, and (2) another failure from their relief pitchers. The A's were supposed to be the team with the suspect bullpen, but their relievers did what the Giants' relievers could not: keep the other team from scoring (and scoring, and scoring). The result was a four-run A's ninth and a 6-2 A's win.

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