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Friday, July 9, 2004

If I ever start to take my life for granted (and I realize that bus has already left the depot), please shake some sense into me. I know I complain; who doesn't? (Don't answer that.) But as I was walking in from the mailbox this afternoon (no mail; what's up with that?), I glanced around me. Then I looked a little closer, at the trees and the wildflowers and the birds, the buzzard circling over the far field.

And what did I say to myself? I said, "I hope I'm not taking this for granted." If I designed my own life, I doubt I could have come up with anything this good. Nature, solitude, freedom, and a job that, despite its stresses and occasional hard knocks, more often than not lets me enjoy what I have.

And guess what? It looks very strongly as if I'm going to be able to get away from it all for a few days, starting some time next week. Why would I leave here? Only to go to a place even closer to heaven, even more glorious and beautiful. When even the Boss tells me he thinks I need a vacation, it's time to bug off and tune out.

1 July 2004

Setting summer sun, through the eucalyptus.

So I'll be disappearing from view in the next few days. This might be a good time to join the notify list, because I'm still not sure exactly when I'll be leaving, or exactly when I'll be back. I just know I'll be glad to be gone, and glad I have such a slice of paradise to come home to.

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Two good things happened for the Giants tonight. First, they came from behind against veteran ace and longtime nemesis Randy Johnson. Second, Giants starter Jerome Williams, a young man half Johnson's age, righted himself after a rocky start and hung around long enough to get a win. Oh yeah, and a third good thing. They beat the Diamondbacks, 8-3.

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