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Monday, July 12, 2004

I don't think the folks at work are trying to make it hard on me to leave for vacation. I don't even think they're trying to make me feel guilty about it. That seems to be the way things are working out, though. Today was (or could have been, if I'd let it) a nightmare.

I have to admit that Tim did his part. He got me the time cards this morning, and I got the payroll done. I still can't mail out the paychecks until Wednesday, because he's afraid if his guys get any money in their pockets before the weekend, they'll get drunk and not show up for work. But at least the checks are written and ready to mail. (I hope I don't forget and accidentally send them tomorrow. I should make a special pile for Wednesday posting.)

But Julie is still working on impressing the bankers and real estate brokers and other people I have nothing to do with. I'm so glad she's there in the valley dealing with those people, but while she's at it she shouldn't be making promises that I can't keep. I think we worked it out, but the conversation didn't start out well at all.

"The information the accountant needs to do financial statements? The information that takes you until March for the yearend accounting? How hard would it be to get a June 30 interim statement together?"

Well, I definitely can't get it done in two days. And that's all I have before I leave.

Oh my gracious heavens. I never do interim statements, because the yearend accounting takes three months. It would take a little less time if I didn't have anything else to do, but I have wide-ranging responsibilities, including many things that I don't even bother to let the rest of them know about. I deal with auditors and government bureaucracies without bringing anyone else into it, just to make it easier on them. (And on me, I have to admit.)

She let me off the hook, and she's going to try to give them the mountains of raw data that I have readily available and see if that's good enough. If it's not, I'm not sure what the next course of action is. Canceling my vacation isn't an option.

Cutting it short might be necessary, though. That's because the Boss promised several creditors that they wouldn't have to wait beyond the beginning of next week to get paid. They can't get paid until we get a big check in from the owner of this project. That check isn't expected to be mailed before Thursday, which means it probably won't be mailed until Friday at the earliest. I won't have it until Monday or Tuesday anyway.

"Try not to worry about it," he told me. "I'll try to put them off." Ahem. Why not try not promising to give them money we don't have in the first place? That way I won't have to race back from the lake a day early and write those checks. The alternative would be to stay up there an extra day, worrying about it so much I couldn't enjoy myself. (And then I'd still have to race back and write checks.)

11 July 2004

One of the things I'll miss is the old homestead.

Why can't I write the checks ahead of time and have someone mail them while I'm gone? I'm glad you asked. Two reasons. First, we won't know how much we can pay out until we know how much we're receiving. And second, I have the only key to the post office box (and I'm not sharing). If nobody can get the check out and deposit it, those payments wouldn't be any good anyway. So why not wait? Why bring it up at all? Why not just let me go on vacation without having to think about this stuff? "Try not to worry about it." Phooey.

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I got a last-minute chance to see Aiden tonight, so naturally I took it. I thought I was going over there to baby sit (not Aiden, but his older brothers), but I ended up staying for dinner. I held Aiden for a long time before dinner, then walked around with him for a while after dinner. He slept the whole time. In between I also got a chance to play with D.J. and Dakota a bit. This was what I needed at the end of a long, stressful day. (I think maybe I'll have a long, stressful day tomorrow, too.)

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