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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Let me tell you something about vacation. When it ends, it's over. I tried to stretch it out a little today, but it didn't work. I should have either stayed at the lake one more day, or committed myself to getting some real work done today. Here it is 24 hours after I rolled into the driveway, and I'm no more ready to face a work day than I was last night.

Part of my mistake was staying up so late last night, but I was so wired after the long drive that I couldn't stop moving around, picking things up and putting things away. Before I knew it, it was four in the morning and I was so exhausted I might as well not have had a vacation at all. (Ha! That's a major exaggeration there.)

I'm amazed at how little I got done today. I got most of the way through the payroll, but only about halfway through the laundry. I have two huge piles of unopened mail, one for the house and one for the business. I've managed to fall so far behind with email and journals that I might never catch up. (No exaggeration there.).

But I'm happy. I face Monday-on-Wednesday tomorrow with a lighter heart (and darker skin) than I would have without those five days away from it all. I know I'll get hammered from the opening bell, and maybe I should have checked in today just to deflect some of that, but I'll deal with it. I really have nothing to complain about (not that it ever stopped me before).

18 July 2004

Shasta Lake.

Besides, I had to come home to see Aiden. He doesn't like me much yet, but he'll get over it. I did get a big dimply smile out of him tonight, but most of the time when Tammy hands him off to me, he crinkles up his face and sticks out his bottom lip and sputters baby oaths until she takes him back. He loves his daddy, too, but anyone else is going to have to wait to earn a place in his good graces. I don't mind. In fact, I told him point blank tonight that he can't keep me away no matter how fussy he gets when he sees me.

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