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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Iím not a visionary. I canít look at how things are and dream up ways to make them better. Whenever I do have a creative thought, Iím always so surprised by it that I write it down in a note that I canít decipher later on. Mostly I stumble along, happy to recognize the brilliance of others and content to take advantage of whatever luck is thrown my way.

Not much imagination is required to do my job. Tolerance is needed, and patience and persistence. Somehow by plodding along day after day doing what is asked, Iíve managed to achieve a kind of security that I probably donít deserve. Somehow I have overcome my own laziness, not by working harder but by finding a way to get the job done while working less.

Itís not much of a legacy, but itís the life I lead. Unfortunately, every so often something happens that exposes me to the danger of being uncovered. Thatís when I truly depend on luck to get me through. If anyone who takes a close look at the way I work doesnít notice the massive gap between what I produce and the effort I put into it, I count myself fortunate.

Tomorrow I will have occasion to call upon whatever reserves of luck I can summon. Somehow Iíll have to find a way to get out of this corner Iíve painted myself into. I canít do it by dazzling anyone into thinking they see talent where none exists (as is so common in showbiz these days). I can do it only by using the one talent I do have in these situations. I have to make the auditor think heís getting all the answers he needs, even though I havenít given him everything he asked for.

20 July 2005

Partly cloudy.

What that requires is fast thinking. Iím not all that fast at anything, to be honest, but I can scramble out of a tight spot, given enough motivation. Iím highly motivated to see the auditor come and go tomorrow without finding anything out of order in the ton of paperwork Iíve prepared for him. Why Iím motivated to do that instead of being motivated to do all the work in the first place, Iím not completely sure. But Iíll take my motivations where I can get them, as long as they leave the status totally and absolutely quo.

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The Marlins made every effort to waste A.J. Burnettís great pitching today, but the Giants were having none of it. The Marlins were charged with three errors in one inning (although they were only charged with two), and still all the Giants could manage was a single run in the game. Kevin Correia pitched well enough to win, but three bad pitches in seven innings were enough for three homers and four runs and a 4-1 loss. Another thing that was wasted today was the seventh straight loss by the first-place Padres. The Giants need to take advantage of situations like that, or theyíll never move up in a very weak division.

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