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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Thereís nothing wrong with procrastinating, until you run out of tomorrows to put things off to. Thatís the position I found myself in today. I was out so late last night that this would typically be a day when Iíd try to find some down time. Instead, out of sheer necessity, I tried to focus on crossing as many items of my to-do list as I could possibly manage. It almost helped make the day go a little faster.

Yesterday I ran off to dinnah and the theatah so fast that I left my bill paying half done. I had to finish all that this morning, printing envelopes and getting it ready to mail. I generally like to ease into my day a little more slowly. I find Iím happier if I can dawdle my way through the morning. It gives urgency to the afternoon, when I have a little energy.

The last major deadline task that I faced this month was the sales tax returns for both companies. Itís always the one I put off the longest, because for the construction company itís such a complex web of numbers that have to fit into the right spots, and for The Kennel itís an exercise that requires input from people over whom I have no control (and who are even worse procrastinators than I am).

But I did both returns today, and it wasnít as hard as I thought and it didnít take as much time. So I have to wonder why I keep putting it off every time, and I guess itís because it forces me to look at the numbers I work with every day in a different way. The payroll taxes somehow fit into my comfort zone, while sales taxes make me want to draw happy faces on the form, anything to avoid filling in all those blanks with numbers that I have to pull out of somewhere and it might as well be from Uranus for all the sense it makes.

Other than that, itís all just fine.

26 July 2005

Wooden wind chimes hanging on the back porch.

Hey, but itís done, isnít it? Until next time. And I only got about a month behind on the other reports Iím supposed to be doing. But donít tell anyone or theyíll hire someone to ďhelpĒ me, and thatís the last thing I want. I found out today theyíre planning to hire an assistant kennel manager, so I guess Iím not the only one who needs ďhelp.Ē

And there are four days left in July before I have to start falling behind on August. So Iíve got that going for me.

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Just when you think youíve seen everything, Omar Vizquel lets a double play ball (and the game) dribble between his legs, costing the Giants yet another lead and leading to yet another loss. The way theyíve played in the eighth and ninth innings in this series, itís amazing the Cubs only won two out of three. Today it was another collapse at the end, and despite leading 3-2 in the eighth, the Giants lost, 4-3, in the ninth. Maybe now I actually have seen it all, because it seems it can only get better from here.

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