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Monday, July 2, 2007

It doesnít take much to throw me completely off track. I had my whole week planned out, and I was going to get everything done in spite of the holiday in the middle. Or maybe because of it, I donít know. At least I know the phone wonít be ringing all day Wednesday.

But it rang this morning, at 8:15 am. If only the Boss knew how that threw off my equilibrium. I donít wake up easily, and it takes me most of the morning to get going. Thatís why I donít much mind when he calls me at 7:00 pm (he did that today, too). But if I get a call before, say, 10:00 am, it means that at some point in the afternoon Iím going to hit a wall and have to stop for awhile. Or for good. Either way, itís bad for the momentum.

Then I found out why he called. I wasnít quite alert enough to process it, but it seems he made me an appointment to meet his ex-wife in front of Wal-Mart at noon, so that I could hand over to her the extra fax machine that was shipped to me by mistake (and that Iíve been using as a copier). So I packed up the machine, and thank goodness Iíd kept the box, and spent twenty minutes chatting with the Ex in the Wal-Mart parking lot, then came home and did this weekís payroll, which has to go out a day early because of the holiday.

It wasnít that I had to drive out of town, although I was hoping to make it past the holiday before I had to gas up my car, and now I donít think I will. It was more that Iíd planned on going to the bank and the supermarket (which the bank is inside of) this morning, so that I wouldnít have to do all that tomorrow, the day before the holiday. You see? Itís all about time management, and it was taken out of my hands. It threw me off track for today, and it ratchets down to the rest of the week.

28 June 2007

First visitors.

And now, in the palpable absence of Julie (or anyone who could do what sheís been doing), the Boss has recruited his ex-wife to help with some of the tedious paperwork involved in bidding state work in California. I used to do that, but I didnít offer to take it up again. I didnít offer to talk the Ex through the process of downloading a bid package off the stateís web site, but I ended up spending half my afternoon doing that anyway. I canít quite seem to come out a winner here, except for the fact that I still have a job. Now if only it would leave me alone to do itself, Iíd be happy.

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