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Friday, June 16, 2000

It's tough leaving people you love, not knowing when you might see them again. We were up early this morning, just to be together as long as possible before we had to give up the house at ten. There were tears and hugs all around, and then we went our separate ways, six of us back to California and eleven in the other direction, home to Iowa.

It would be nice to say that we'll be getting together again soon, but no promises of any kind were made. This year's reunion was difficult on Suzanne, who did most of the planning, and there were times over the past few months when we doubted it would come together at all, or feared it would be a disappointment of devastating proportions.

Instead, it was an emotionally satisfying success. People got along and new connections were made. Family means something to all of us, and we need to keep in contact as the older generation gets older, and as the children grow up. Not knowing what changes might be in store for various individuals over time is what made today's parting so traumatic.

While we were getting ready to leave the house, a fox showed up in the driveway, the closest any wildlife other than chipmunks had come all week. Then as we left Estes Park around eleven, there was a herd of elk along the side of the highway, some of them wandering across the road in confusion. We assumed that they were driven down the mountain into town by the wildfires. It was a cold morning, and there was some light rain, which must have helped the effort to contain the fire.

a foxfun in Laramie

When we stopped in Laramie for another visit to the Wyoming Territorial Museum, it was cold, and we were caught in a chilly shower. We later learned that it had snowed overnight in Laramie. We, of course, were wearing shorts, and shivering in them. This time we visited the Frontier Town, which includes cowboy reenactments, a saloon show, and a stagecoach ride. We enjoyed it, but it might have been better had we not been so cold and wet.

Mom was smart enough to wear long pants

We spent the rest of the day driving across Wyoming, and we're staying tonight in Rock Springs. No one was hungry, so David and I took the van into "town" for some light snacks from the local Kum and Go market. I'm sorry to say the six of us feasted on crackers and spray-on cheese, quite a comedown from last night's gourmet meal. But we made it a short night so that we can get an early start (on a long day) tomorrow morning.

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