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David and Grandma, 1983
David, 1983
David with Uncle Mike and Critter, 1986
Eric and David with Grandpa, 1987
David and his mom,1987
David with Mommy, 1988
David on the beach at Sea Ranch, 1993
David and Uncle Mike at Shasta, 1995
David's graduation on his 18th birthday, 1999

Sunday, June 11, 2000

Today the youngest member of our family turns nineteen. Although David is the youngest in years, I've always felt that he had an old soul. Even as a small child he was comfortable around adults. From the time he could talk he was able to carry a conversation with anyone — and did.

David and Missy

From the start, he's demanded to be taken seriously. He knows when he's being patronized, and he won't stand for it. He thinks things through and forms strong opinions. If something matters to him, he'll tell you what he believes and why. You have to respect that.

His future is in law enforcement. He's working full time while taking college courses that will prepare him for the police academy. He's compassionate, decisive, thoughtful and fearless. Those are qualities that should take him far as a peace officer.

Not that he thinks or acts old. I don't know of anyone who embraces life with more joy. He puts his heart into every endeavor, and he'll try almost anything. He's artistic, athletic and creative. He loves to test his own limits and find new ways to solve problems. He has dozens of friends who love and respect him.

David is one of the most interesting people I know. And I've been saying that since he was very small. He's fun to spend time with, and he always has something interesting to say. I've never been bored when I've been with him.

He's also the tallest person in our family, going back a few generations. At 5'11", he towers over the rest of us. And it happened all of a sudden, it seemed, over one summer a few years back. He's not the least bit shy about reminding us that he can reach the top shelves, when the rest of us have to stand on a chair.

He's helped me, more than he knows. It's not just that he'll pitch in and do what he can whenever I need help. It's that being around him makes me a better person.

David and Missy

He has an incredible future ahead of him. At nineteen he's accomplished more than many people do in a much longer lifetime. He's smart, funny and passionate. Once he sets his sights on a goal, there's nothing that can stop him from getting there. It's one of my greatest joys to have him in my life, and it'll be an honor and a pleasure to see where life's journey takes him.

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