bunt sign
"How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were?"
--Satchell Paige

June 2001

June 1 Contents Under Pressure
June 2 Relieved
June 3 Walk in the Clouds
June 4 Someone Keeps Moving My Chair
June 5 A Good Sport
June 6 Patching the Potholes
June 7 Sticky Red Juice
June 8 Digging In
June 9 Lives Entwined
June 10 168
June 11 Tummy Troubles
June 12 Raging Waters
June 13 Take Three
June 14 Favorite Chair
June 15 Fin de semana
June 16 Diamonds and Bats
June 17 Blowing Through
June 18 Regrets
June 19 Shallow Furrow
June 20 A Rock in My Shoe
June 21 How do I get this thing out of reverse?
June 22 Please leave a message
June 23 Fly Away
June 24 Inching Forward
June 25 And the Monday Award goes to ...
June 26 Bye Bye Bobsled
June 27 Summer Showers
June 28 Postgame Ponderings
June 29 Summer Redux
June 30 Toil in the Soil

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