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Sunday, June 8, 2003

I ask only two things out of a day: to let me sleep late, or to give me a reason to get up. Dragging my weary carcass out of bed is the hardest thing I ever do, so there had better be some purpose behind it.

So today we celebrated the start of David's birthday week. Ordinarily we do something on the actual day, but he's a little hard to pin down lately, so we collared him for a Sunday brunch and forced him to open presents and read cards right there in front of us.

8 June 03

David and his grandma.

It was just the immediate family, including the newest member. Well, Tammy isn't official yet, but she and David are pretty convincing in how serious they seem to be. David will only be 22 on Wednesday, but he's done a lot of living in those years. It's kind of fun to see what he's like when he's thinking of himself as part of something bigger.

I don't want to jinx anything, but I don't really believe I have that power. Whatever will be will be. What's going on now is really all that matters, and it's special in its own right. The future will take care of itself.

8 June 03

David and Tammy, marveling over his new karaoke machine.

And then, after brunch, I came home and collapsed. I could not keep my eyes open for most of the afternoon, but it was worth it. We had a lot of fun, laughing as Tammy brought back whipped cream from the dessert bar at Marie Callender's and smeared it on David's face. Almost everyone thought it was funny. David pretended not to, but I know him well enough to know that he's a good actor.

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I did manage to catch the end of the Giants game after I got home. They were behind 6-2 in the late innings but caught and passed the Tigers in the eighth. How did this happen? Somebody in the Tigers' dugout pissed off Rich Aurilia. He tried to bunt in the tying run from third, and he heard something like, "Swing the bat!" So he did, and he hit a double that drove in that run, then scored the winning run on a double by Edgardo Alfonzo. The Giants came from behind to win, 7-6.

You don't mess with Rich Aurilia. Often I've seen him knocked down by one pitch, only to hit the next one out of the park. The Tigers are in the other league, so they don't know this about him. The incident could have started a new rivalry, except that the Giants and Tigers probably won't play against each other for another three or four years.

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