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Saturday, June 14, 2003

I was pleased and a bit surprised to be invited to the wedding, only because the friends who were getting married are people I see only a few times a year. But we've spent quality time at Shasta Lake with each other for the last several summers, and they're a fun and giving family, so I was happy to be included, and now I'm truly glad I went.

It was the union of two families, because the bride and groom both have two daughters from previous marriages. Now they have one big family, although the girls also have other parents that they spend time with. But it's going to be fun to be the parents of four girls, all old enough the want to go places but none old enough to drive. One can only imagine...

The wedding was on the lawn at Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, a few miles south of here. Knowing my poor sense of direction, Suzanne offered me a ride with her and John, and I didn't have to think twice before accepting. I'm sure I would have found it on my own eventually, but it was good to have that one thing that I didn't have to worry about. We got there in time to shake a few hands and exchange some hugs before the ceremony.

14 June 03

The wedding arbor.

The ceremony itself was simple and graceful. Barb and Tom exchanged rings and vows after a few words of encouragement and support from the minister. The girls were included in the wedding party, and they looked almost grown up. Almost. And as beautiful as ever, of course, if a little wobbly in their fancy shoes.

Ah, but after a wedding there's a party, right? The reception was a mix of tradition and mayhem. Children were flying around everywhere, and once the music started they never stopped moving. Bouquets and garters were flung to the waiting masses (David caught the garter, but a little girl snatched the bouquet out of Tammy's hands.)

I don't think I drank too much, although all the evidence isn't in yet. I'll let you know tomorrow. Tammy is a bartender, so when she offered to make me a margarita (and then another one), what could I say? I don't think I ate too much, but I probably won't be hungry again for a day or two.

I did a little dancing, but I'm not sure what that proves. I didn't fall down, so I wasn't too oversaturated. On the other hand, it would have been hard to get me out on the floor at all without a little liquid encouragement. Anyway, I had a great time, and as far as I could tell so did everyone else. The party was still going on when we left, but it was starting to wind down. All in all, a very good day.

14 June 03

Uninhibited girls rock out on stage.

I'm still not sure I believe in marriage as a legal institution, as long as it doesn't include everyone. It's sometimes used to reinforce prejudices and shore up exclusionary beliefs. But I do believe in what marriage means to the people who are lucky enough to find the right person and make the commitment. I believe in love and loyalty and trust and all the things that people pledge to each other on a day like this.

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In case you were wondering, yes, we did the Chicken Dance. And yes, everybody did it, in a big circle around the bride and groom. The music was a mix of country and rock, with a lot of oldies from the fifties and sixties. The bride and groom aren't that old, but they grew up with the music. It's just that it was already "oldies" by then.

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