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Sunday, June 5, 2005

If youíre a lazy workaholic like me, today was probably the most you can expect from a Sunday. The pace was slow enough, but I still got done what I needed to (but only what I absolutely needed to). I spent the morning watching the race, and I spent the afternoon doing those pesky spreadsheets while watching the Giants beat the Mets.

And I did my twelve minutes in the yard this morning. That part probably could have gone better, but I was unexpectedly let down by my legs. I expect my heart to pound and my breathing to become labored, but I didnít think my legs would quit on me after only twelve minutes. Even so, nearly half the yard has now had the once-over with the mower since I got it two months ago. Iím getting there.

Then tonight, after the work was done and once it was clear the Giants were going nowhere in the second game, I finished the book I never seem to have time to read during the week. I wasnít quite done when darkness fell, so I turned on the reading lamp and kept going. Itís that rush of the last hundred pages that makes all the time youíve invested pay off. I couldnít stop reading, and I didnít want it to end.

But it did end (at 9:11 pm, kind of a twisted numerology, considering most of the book is set in Afghanistan). Thatís when I got around to fixing myself something to eat and reminding myself that tomorrow is nothing more than another Monday. Somehow remembering that made this Sunday even sweeter.

19 May 2005

Clouds over treetops.

Some people undoubtedly went skydiving today, while others went to the ballet. Iím sure all of those people thought they had a good Sunday, too. Iím not trying to say my way is better, but Iím pretty sure itís better for me.

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In the first game of todayís double header, each team walked the otherís eighth-place hitter to get to the pitcher, and each pitcher responded. The difference was that the Metsí Kaz Ishii hit a one-run single, while the Giantsí Brett Tomko hit a three-run double, and the Giants went on to win, 6-3. That ended an eight-game losing streak, but they went out and started a new one in the second game. The turning point of that 12-1 loss was Jason Schmidt walking the opposing pitcher in the fourth to force in a run. This could be good news, though. A team canít sink much lower than losing 12-1 to the Mets.

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