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Tuesday, June 7, 2005

I had a pleasant experience at the post office today. No, really. I didnít squirm and moan while I was standing in line. I didnít roll my eyes at the inefficiency of the clerks, and I didnít groan when they decided they had to offer every service available to every single customer. In fact, a couple of times I even laughed.

It would have been different if Iíd had to stand in line to send a work-related package. Iíve complained so many times when the Boss has asked me to make a special trip to the post office that he doesnít come out and ask me any more. Now he says, ďI know you donít want to stand in line at the post office,Ē and I volunteer to do just that. Itís a reflex. Then I complain.

But this trip today was personal. It was a birthday present for someone whose birthday I missed last year. I wasnít about to let that happen again. The package I sent today will no doubt be late, but I mailed it (technically) on time, so I give myself extra credit for that. Besides, the line was short and seemed to be moving.

As it turns out, the line wasnít as short as I thought it would be. There was a man filling out a form on a table to the side of the room, and apparently he had the impression that being in the room before me meant that he had a place reserved in line. His reservation must have been invisible, because I didnít see it, but I didnít press the issue. Maybe his boss made him go to the post office today.

Besides, the window-to-window banter of the postal clerks was entertaining. It was like watching a couple of long-married folks who know just how to tweak each other. I was suddenly standing in Frank and Marie Baroneís living room. Waiting in line for them to finish arguing and get on with it. But all in good fun, I swear.

If that fellow hadnít stepped in front of me in line, I wouldnít have got the woman clerk, and she wouldnít have found a way to save me a dollar and a half with a quick repackaging. I think it was her way of letting me know she didnít like the way I wrapped it, without coming out and saying so. I donít get that kind of customer service often these days, at the post office or anywhere else.

6 June 2005

Cloud menagerie.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful (not that a trip to the post office is much of an event). Payroll. All day. Just when my right hand was starting to feel better, I had to do the most handwriting-intensive task on my to-do list. But it gave me an excuse for frequent breaks, so itís not all bad.

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Iím no fan of interleague baseball, but if youíre stuck on the losing track the way the Giants have been, why not fatten up on the team with the worst record in baseball, even if they have to come from the other league? Well, because tonight it was the Giantsí outfielders, not the Royalsí, who looked as if theyíd never played at SBC Park before. Or maybe it was those fat pitches Kirk Rueter was throwing that led to all those uncatchable line drives and deep flies. On second thought, maybe there is something worse than losing 12-1 to the Mets. Like losing 8-1 to the Royals.

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