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Thursday, June 9, 2005

The Boss started faxing me pages of requests and instructions before I was even out of bed this morning. Then at 8:00 am exactly, the phone rang. I canít seem to educate people not to call me that early and expect more than grunts and moans. I moaned the name of the company into the telephone receiver and then listened while the Boss asked yet another question that could have waited until I was awake.

I grunted the answer and went back to bed, but when the phone rang again five minutes later, I just got up and pretended to be alert. Sometimes pretending is all it takes. Itís like those fake smiles that turn into real ones. It never worked for me, but thatís probably just because Iím so bad at it. People look at my fake smile and ask me whatís wrong.

Thatís how my day started, and thatís how it went, all day long. Or at least, the start affected everything that happened for the rest of the day. I was testy, to say the least. I took it out on the other drivers as I made my way to the bank, and I wasnít particularly pleasant to the woman in front of me in the supermarket checkout line.

To be honest, Iím always a little irritated with people who want to divide their items into two piles and pay for them separately, and then remember something else at the last minute. The way I punish them is by not making eye contact when they try to look back at me sheepishly. Thatíll teach íem, eh? You want to piss me off? I wonít even let you pretend to apologize! So there.

As usual when I get started too early, I hit a wall in the middle of the afternoon and had to stop for a while. Iím sure if the Boss knew that his badgering me in the wee hours kept me from working during the most productive part of the day, heíd... heíd... Oh, I donít know what heíd do. Probably the same thing he always does, whatever he feels like at the time and damn the consequences. He thinks he can bend reality to fit his peculiar view of the world, but itís dark in there and nobody really wants to join him.

6 June 2005

Clouds and trees.

I know I have no rights here. The Boss expects me to be on duty during the hours he pays me for, and thatís fine. Sadly, he also expects me to be available whenever the mood strikes him. When that involves a wake-up call (without the requisite coffee and donuts), itís not so fine.

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The punchless Giants struck for nine runs today, and it still nearly wasnít enough. They seemed to have broken open a pitchersí duel when they took a 4-0 lead in the fifth, but they immediately gave the four runs back in the top of the sixth. Then they went out and took a 9-4 lead in the bottom of that inning, but the Royals kept coming and kept coming before the Giants held on for a 9-7 win. It shouldnít be this hard, but nothing is coming easy these days.

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