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Thursday, June 12, 2008

I had almost as hard a time getting moving this morning as I had getting started on an entry tonight. I should never have read that article about how people really only need six and a half hours of sleep a night, because Iím already working out ways to bargain it down to five and a half. Then weíll be talking in the same language. Then weíll be playing in the same ballpark.

Iím not sure I believe it, about the six and a half hours, but I desperately want to believe it. Iíll never get more than that, not at night. I might be able to stretch out my sleep time to seven or eight hours if Iím allowed to sleep late on weekend mornings. Actually, I could do it any day Iím allowed to sleep in, but somehow the phone always manages to ring just at the point when Iím finally getting that rich REM sleep. On weekdays, that is. I donít let the phone ring on weekends.

But here I am writing, so obviously I did get up this morning. I even got the maximum amount of possible work done today. Iím not sure how I can quantify that to make it make sense, but thereís a limit to what I can do on a day when I oversleep (even a little), and itís too hot (way too hot), and the frustrations and interruptions come in whole battalions.

Thatís actually what Iím avoiding writing about, because you donít want to hear it and I donít want to go through it again. Letís just say this was a day when my destination was barely worth the hardships of the journey. Not to go all pioneer on you or anything.

29 May 2008

Cloud array.

Because I canít let it go completely, Iíll just say that I find banks to be very frustrating institutions to try to work with. They donít care if youíve paid your credit card bill on time every month for the last ten years. If they forget to send you a statement (or, more likely, the post office delivers it to somebody else), theyíll go after you with a chainsaw before theyíll let you try to explain. And thatís even if, as soon as you realize you didnít get a statement, you immediately go on line and make a payment.

And then you send them two emails (because the first one didnít go through the proper channels, which you didnít even know existed), explaining the situation and begging them to let you back into their good graces (not to mention their zero percent interest until January). And they promise you an answer within twelve hours, and then nothing. Itís almost enough to make a person pick up the phone and call them. Almost.

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