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Tuesday, March 2, 2004

In the interest of full disclosure, the real reason I walked to the post office today (for the first time all year) wasn't that this was the practically perfect spring day we've been waiting for. It's just that there weren't any parking spaces near the post office, not even down at the other end of the block. So I parked a few blocks away and walked. It didn't save gas, but it did get me some unexpected exercise.

The funny part is that if we'd had this great weather yesterday, I probably wouldn't have got my car fixed. I would have walked to the auto parts store and bought the light I needed. Then I wouldn't have been able to install it, and my headlight assembly might still be dangling from the front bumper. That's the kind of thing that happens when I try to do these things myself.

But it rained yesterday, and I had a hard time with it. I didn't have a much better day today, work-wise, but the sunshine helped ease the pain. I didn't even mind the wind blowing through my throat and making breathing a struggle. Okay, I guess I minded a little. It would have been a truly perfect day without the wind, but I'll settle for what we got.

It didn't cool down all that much tonight, the way it usually does. Suzanne and I sat in my car in the JC parking lot drinking coffee before class, as usual. This time we had the windows rolled down. That was different.

I'm still under the gun at work, with too many demands and too little time. There's just more to do than a lazy person feels like doing, but I do my best. It isn't as good as a more highly motivated person would do, but I get high on getting by, as the song goes. It's my stock in trade. There's always tomorrow, or the day after.

1 March 2004

Yesterday's sky, not much blue.

We learned the sign for "lazy" tonight, by the way. Also "stupid" and "dumb." And "embarrassed." I don't know why he showed us those signs the week after we took our first midterm exam. Just coincidence, probably.

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My DSL connection was down almost all day. This has been a recurring theme lately, and I'm losing patience with SBC Yahoo and their stupid, dumb, lazy ways. (They should be embarrassed.) People are going to stop writing to me if I can't answer them. That's one reason this seemed like such a long day. I couldn't get my usual journal and email fixes to break up the monotony.

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